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More wind-up radios, please

February 07, 2019

If you’ve been around Thru the Bible for long, you’ve heard about the innovative resources—the solar-powered or wind-up radios—that we distribute in hard-to-reach locations that don’t have access to the radio or Internet. (Yes, there are still places like that!)

Today as we pray across Africa, we visit with a man in Angola named Urial who heard the gospel for the first time on a wind-up radio, and now he wants more!  He’ll tell you more about that here:

“I am writing you to ask for wind-up radios for my community. We need to hear the Umbundu Bible, and we need your help in understanding what God wants to say to us. The problem is that the churches do not reach here because there are no roads in this region. Therefore life is difficult and isolated. Please help us.

“Let me explain why I come to you so urgently. My life has changed. It used to be that I felt empty. I knew something was not right within me but I didn’t know where to go for help. One day a friend of mine invited me to listen to TTB with him on his wind-up radio, and something shook my inner person. The preacher was saying that a person should abandon empty religion and accept Jesus as Savior. I did this that very night and joy and love came to me. Today I am happy because Jesus Christ is my Savior. I thank God! I am asking again for more wind-up radios so that this program can touch many of my brothers and sisters who were like I was—empty, but now I am full of the love of Jesus. I am enclosing my small gift to say ‘thank you.’”

While Thru the Bible’s core focus is delivering Dr. McGee’s teaching in as many languages and platforms as possible, we are grateful for our partner ministries that take on the challenge of meeting the physical needs of listeners, like supplying Bibles and radios.  Let’s pray for TWR as they respond to requests like this one.

And pray today for people like Urial who live outside the reach of traditional broadcasting. Pray for opportunities to reach them, like with wind-up or solar radios. As Urial expressed, many know their spiritual need but not how to meet Jesus. Intercede for their hearts today.

We have a privilege to intercede for the people of Africa this week. Tomorrow we’ll travel on our knees to Ghana. See you then.