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Praying for spiritual revival in Sweden

January 04, 2019

Although the nation of Sweden takes great pride in political neutrality and a commitment to the equality of all people, sharing your faith in public can often be met with condemnation and opposition.

Welcome to World Prayer Today. We’re glad you’ve joined us as we stop and pray with Curt Westman, Thru the Bible’s producer of the Swedish language.

“The spiritual decline in Sweden is evident on so many levels,” says Curt. “Research tells us that only 23% of Swedish people believe in a personal God, and the numbers of those who regularly attend church continue to drop. Will you join me in praying that as people listen to Thru the Bible, God will move them to become active members in local churches? Also, pray that their commitment to studying God’s Word will inspire others to join them.”

There we have it! As we lift up these requests today, let’s also thank God for Curt and all of Thru the Bible’s producers who dedicate their lives to sharing God’s entire Word in their heart languages.

Join us here next week as our prayer journey continues in Russia and the Commonwealth of Independent States.