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Asking God to “energize churches” in Finland

January 01, 2019

The new year begins in our prayer journey. How will God use our prayers this year?

We begin 2019 in Finland today. Thru the Bible’s Finnish producer, Jukka Norvanto, asks us to pray that “God’s Word will reach more people and energize congregations and churches, sparking a revitalization of true love for our God and His Word.”

According to experts, over 80% of people in Finland identify themselves as Christians, but only 8% of Finns claim to attend any kind of religious service every month, and only 3% go weekly.

Let’s pray now.

Father, we intercede today for Your church in Finland. We pray that through the broadcasting of Your Word, You will bring more people into a real and eternal relationship with Your Son, Jesus Christ. We pray that through their love for You, believers will unite and form strong congregations that will together impact their communities for Your good and glory. In the name of Jesus we pray, amen.

Join us tomorrow as we travel the gorgeous countryside of Italy here on World Prayer Today.