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Africa is an amazing place

December 17, 2018

Africa is a pretty amazing place. Think back to geography class and answer the following questions: 

  1. How many countries are in Africa?

    a. 105     b. 21     c. 54

  2. How many people live there?

    a. 1 million     b. 100 million     c. 1 billion

  3. How many official and national languages are spoken in Africa?

    a. around 100     b. 500     c. between 2-3,000

For each of these questions, the correct answer is C. Surprised? Africa is beautiful and diverse and in need of the Good News to permeate each country, language, and family.

Praise God today for how God is transforming people’s hearts through the proclamation of His Word.  This African man who listens to Thru the Bible in African French wrote this encouraging word:

“Greetings of love come from this end of the world. I think the message of the cross is the greatest for me, for it is the cross that decides everything. After your message today, I understand that I must give my interest to the cross if I really want to follow Jesus Christ. It was difficult for me to accept because I thought that God must give me what I want. But now I accept the reverse, that He wants me. This revelation of God has upset my life: I’m happier now in my Christian life and I understand that I must give myself to God.”

Praise God for this faith response and remember to intercede for the continent of Africa and the people God loves.

Join us tomorrow as our prayer journey takes us to India.