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“I was a lost cause …”

November 30, 2018

Aloha! As our worldwide journey of prayer and praise continues today, we land in the beautiful state of Hawaii and meet with a listener named David who writes:

“I was a lost cause. Because of my sin, I was homeless and my wife took our 5-month-old daughter back to her family in Sweden for good. With only my backpack, a small radio, and an old Bible that I received as a kid, I spent more than a year living on the streets. It was then that I came across the teaching of Dr. McGee. After some initial skepticism, I began a journey on the Bible Bus and have been steadily riding for 20 years.

“To my surprise God forgave me, saved me off the streets, and restored the years that were lost. He slowly healed my broken heart and eventually gave me a wonderful Christian wife and three awesome children who love the Lord.

“We also have a wonderful church family here in Honolulu where I have the privilege of being an assistant pastor. God has also allowed me to see my Swedish daughter twice in the last seven years and my restoration has been a witness to her and also to her mother. Please pray for their salvation, along with all of the beautiful Swedish people.

“I am so grateful to our Lord and thank him every day for your ministry. I have been able to make some contributions to Thru the Bible and ask that you please keep up the good work here on the radio stations in Hawaii. We have many more homeless now and I know they will hear the good news through Dr. McGee's teaching of the Word. Like me, so many are on the street as a consequence of their sin and they need repentance and restoration from the only One who can save … Jesus.”

Today let’s praise God for His saving grace in all of our lives! And let’s join David in asking God to use His Word to bring many more to salvation, especially those who are homeless.

Join us next week as we celebrate more incredible stories of how God is restoring broken lives here on World Prayer Today.