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A fugitive finds God

November 15, 2018

“I come from a remote village in Tripura. Most of us villagers are animists, and brewing liquor is our only source of income.”

That’s the start of an amazing letter from a listener of Thru the Bible’s program in Tripura, India. He continues,

“Many of us are alcoholics, and to atone for these sins we sacrifice a lot of animals. It’s in this setting that I became a drunkard at a very young age. My wife and I quarreled a lot. When I was really angry I would beat her and the children until I felt better. There was no peace in my home and certainly not in my heart.

“About that time I began to steal to feed our family. A cow here, a hen there … and sometimes a goat. Because of my theft, the rest of the village began to despise me and the police began to look for me. It was not uncommon for me to hide in the forest for weeks.

“One time while running from the police, a Christian man gave me a radio. While hiding, I had a lot of time to listen to your programs. Gradually I came to know Christ and started going to church. That’s when my life really changed. Today my family and others in our village have forgiven me. I lead a peaceful life and even witness for Christ. I tell people that if God can save a sinner like me, then everyone is welcome in heaven!”

Isn’t that a great story of mercy? No matter what we’ve done, our God is ready and willing to save us! Pray today that more people in Tripura, India—and around the world—will hear and respond to God’s grace through His Son, Jesus.

Tomorrow we travel to the Indian state of Gujarat. Please join us.