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Ask God to open doors in India

November 14, 2018

From small villages to cosmopolitan cities, there is no doubt that God is at work in India. Yet many Christians continue to face ostracism and persecution.

That’s why Thru the Bible is committed to broadcasting God’s message of hope and love in more than 20 languages across this diverse and distant land. For many, Thru the Bible is their only source of teaching and encouragement. This listener of our Telugu program in Andhra Pradesh tells us:

“I was born into a high caste family, and as far back as we know we have been idol worshippers. After I married, I accepted Jesus as my Savior, but my husband and relatives opposed my faith. In fact, he tried to dissuade me but I did not lose my faith.

“Over the years, your programs gave me spiritual strength and in times of trouble, the radio stood by as a church for me. Thank you for everything. I kindly ask that you pray for my family. My children have yet to come to a saving knowledge of Jesus the Lord. My elder son has recently passed away. Please pray for his bereaved family (wife, son, and daughters). Also pray for my younger son and his family’s salvation and the salvation of all my relatives.”

What an important request. Today, let’s intercede for all those who long for family members to recognize Jesus as their Savior and Lord of their lives. And let’s ask God to open doors so the Good News of Jesus Christ can be heard in every household in India.

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