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Looking for a safe harbor?

November 08, 2018

Do you ever need a safe harbor like Sérgio from Haiti?

“I am a fisherman. I provide for my family out on the sea. When a storm brews, my crew and I look for safe harbor. That’s why your program has been to me a safe harbor. When life disturbs me, I put into the harbor of what I’ve learned from God’s Word. Thank you for providing the means for me to know God and His Word, the Bible.”

Sérgio’s country of Haiti has certainly known more than its share of storms and earthquakes. Pray now for those who know and who have yet to meet Jesus Christ in this often-troubled island nation. Pray that God would be pleased to use Thru the Bible to provide a safe harbor for Haitians who turn to Him for help.

Tomorrow we travel further south to the country of Colombia. Let’s commit to pray together for those wonderful people who live there.