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Love letter from Lithuania

October 15, 2018

When the USSR dissolved in 1990, the first country to declare their independence was Lithuania. Now, years later, Lithuania is reinventing itself.

With a population of three million (comparable to the population of Chicago), Lithuanians’ love for their own cultural identity, their language, and their folk traditions holds them together. The letters we receive from Lithuanians most always express gratitude for Bible studies in their own heart language.

Danutė recently wrote this “love” letter:

“My dear ones, I need God’s Word in the same way as I need air, the sun, and sleep. In my country there is chaos all around us. People live in despair. Yet your daily teachings lead me towards the Bible, towards knowing Jesus better. I thank you for your instruction and for your prayer. Receive this with my prayer of love.”

Pray today for this small population group facing huge economic and cultural issues. Ask that many would discover Jesus in their study of God’s Word.

We continue our travels in central Europe tomorrow with a stop in Romania.