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Prayer requests from our producer in Norway

September 12, 2018 Thanks for joining us today as our World Prayer journey brings us to the gorgeous country of Norway where we meet and pray with Thru the Bible’s producer of our Norwegian language broadcast, Aage Nevland

As we join Aage and his team in praising God for the work He is doing in the hearts of those who study the Bible with us on a regular basis, consider these two requests as well:

  1. Intercede for the large number of Muslim immigrants who live in Norway. According to Aage, many of them do not practice their traditional faith and are open to hearing the gospel.
  2. Pray that more people will hear God’s Word and come to know Christ. Aage especially asks that we lift up the more than 25,000 Lapp people in the north of Norway and Sweden. Ask God to bring a revival throughout the entire community.

What great requests. Let’s pray alongside Aage and all those who are asking God to bless the broadcasting of His Word today.

And join us tomorrow as we travel to Wales.