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One gift—one transformed life

September 07, 2018

What does it take to grow in faith? For a young man in Vietnam, the gift of a radio plus his commitment to receive the truth equaled a saved soul satisfied in God.

He writes,

“I was not a mature Christian. I did not read the Bible and pray to God. Since receiving a radio from you, I began listening to God’s Word every night. For me, it became a match to the flame of my faith. I have learned many things about how to know God and my life has been changed by His power. All my family now listen to your program with me regularly. It is so sweet for me and my family. All souls thirsty for God will be satisfied by His Word, and only His Word, and by His Spirit is there power to change hearts. Once again I want to say thank you to you because you gave me a radio for hearing the Word of God.”

Thank you for your commitment to pray for people like this man who is growing in his relationship with God, in part because of the broadcast that you provided and pray for. Today, let’s pray for more in Vietnam to hear the good news of Jesus Christ and respond in faith.

We’re traveling through another part of the world next week—Europe. See you then!