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“Now I know and believe God exists …”

September 03, 2018

When was the last time you looked up at a starry sky? The Bible says that creation shouts the existence of God. Today on our World Prayer tour, we are visiting the vast group of islands that make up the nation of Indonesia—more than 17 thousand islands—scattered, as it were, like stars in the sky.

Sam wrote us an email from Indonesia with a word of thanks. He writes,

“As a new believer I am blessed through your radio program because it uses the Sundanese language. I find it easier to understand and it is God's way of strengthening my faith. After I listen to God’s Word explained, I know and believe that God exists and that He will help me whenever I am in distress and have struggles in my life. Thank you for giving me access to that which strengthens my faith in Jesus Christ.”

Today, thank and praise God that His Word reaches those who are seeking Him—even those isolated on tiny islands. Pray for more Indonesians to seek God and believe He exists. To them, God promises to be found.

Tomorrow we travel in prayer to another island-nation not far away.