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“Thank you for praying for us. God has heard.”

June 22, 2018

From the southern part of India today we hear a story repeated around the world:

“My name is Muthapp, and until recently I was living with a lot of troubles—namely, working through some difficulties with family. My neighbor introduced me to your program. I listened that same day, and the day after, and the day after that. The Lord was speaking to me in the pages of His holy Word. My family also joined in with me as I listened. Now, we as a family are ready to publicly declare our faith in Jesus Christ. I have a great support system here with my neighbor, his pastor, and our church. Thank you for your program and the influence you’ve had in our lives. Glory to His Name!”

God uses His Word every day around the world to draw people to Himself. As we travel on the World Prayer Team, have you also noticed how He uses friends and neighbors to introduce people to the way to know Jesus? Consider who you can share the Good News with today. Perhaps begin by telling them about Thru the Bible.

We’ll continue our travels together around the world next week on World Prayer Today.