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Mailbag: Brazil

June 07, 2018

Come along on World Prayer Today and visit with brothers and sisters in Brazil who are riding the Bible Bus. Their hearts and hopes mirror our own!

Regis writes us this text:

Good evening, friends! I congratulate you for the program Thru the Bible that comes through the internet. It makes me grow in my spiritual journey. A hug and stay in peace.”

Caroline drops us this email:

Grace and peace. I appreciate your messages on your program and visit the website regularly to keep abreast of the news. When I need advice I read your helpful articles and many times the Lord directs me to answers and to peace. Thank you!

Maurilio wrote this email from Ubirajara, São Paulo:

“I have been listening to your program for some time and I have recorded some of them on tapes to listen again and then to pass to a friend. I am not knowledgeable of the Bible, but your teaching method holds my attention. May God continue using you.”

Nina from Santa Barbara, California, writes:

“The peace of our Lord. I listen online to your program in Portuguese, and thank God for this great blessing. I always learn a lot from your teachings. A big hug to all the staff who reach out by radio to my homeland, Brazil.”

Pray for the people of Brazil reflected in these short messages. Pray for the spiritual lives of their families and their friends who search for life eternal. Praise God, He is at work in this beautiful land.

Come pray with us tomorrow as we travel on our knees through Paraguay.