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“Only through the dark period of our lives were we able to see the light …”

May 10, 2018

Welcome to World Prayer Today. Our journey through South Asia continues as we stop in Kerala, India, and hear this encouraging report: God has been there all along.

“I had always followed the spiritual traditions and rituals of my parents, but I didn’t really understand the depth and meaning in them. But when my husband's business crashed and we were left with nothing, we began to ask some very serious questions about ourselves and our beliefs.

“One day I attended a worship service, and I felt God talking to me through the message. Right then and there I accepted Christ as my Savior. I began a new life in Him. My husband also started listening and decided to surrender his life as well.

“As we learn more about God I can look back on my life and realize that He has been there all along, and only through the dark period of our lives were we able to find the light. I pray others going through difficult times will see it as well.”

Today as we come before the Lord, let’s ask Him to be near those who are experiencing dark and difficult times in their lives so they may see God’s grace and accept Jesus as their Savior.

Join us tomorrow as we pray alongside believers in Tamil Nadu.