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How has God gotten your attention lately?

April 12, 2018

You never know what God will do to get your attention! A woman in Cyprus tells us of her surprising experience.

"I was waiting for an important doctor appointment and was afraid. No one in my family could join me that day, so I felt very alone and anxious. When the doctor was running late, I had nothing to do other than listen to the radio that was playing. As the pastor talked, he explained the true peace that God offers us through His Son Jesus Christ. It was as if he was speaking those words just for me. When I got home that day my family noticed a difference in me and now we listen together every day. We are grateful for your introduction to our Savior and for your continued explanation of God’s Word that fills our lives with meaning.”

Don’t you just love the Lord’s creativity? Today, let’s lift up everyone who needs to hear of the peace and salvation God offers us through His Son, Jesus Christ. Wherever they are and whatever they are doing, let’s pray that God’s Word will grab their attention and that they will turn their hearts toward Him.

Our week-long journey through the Middle East and North Africa ends tomorrow. Please join us as we pray through the birthplace of Islam, Saudi Arabia.