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God’s Word—always fruitful

April 04, 2018

God’s Word promises that it will always accomplish what God purposes. In Tajikistan—a Central Asian country north of Afghanistan, God’s Word is bearing fruit.

Today, pray for followers of Jesus like “Mr. T.N.” who wrote recently to say,

“Thank you so much for your lectures. What valuable material, rich with illustrations from our daily life and immortal souls. These lectures help me as a pastor to prepare spiritual food for the people in our small local church. You help me to study the Bible more effectively with so much interesting historical background. Pray for us.”

It’s a privilege to lift up this pastor and his congregation, as well as other believers who, though isolated by geography, are connected to the Word of God through Christian radio. Thank the Lord today that God’s Word always accomplishes His purposes.

Pray with us tomorrow as we remember the precious people of Russia.