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A young soldier in Eritrea asks for prayers for his friends

March 16, 2018

Our journey through Africa continues this week as today we touch down in the country of Eritrea and meet with a soldier who listens to Thru the Bible in his language of Tigrinya.

He writes,

“I am a young soldier deployed to the frontier. I am not only a soldier of the army but also of the Lord Jesus Christ, marching with my fellow brothers. Here in the wilderness there are no churches or fellowship meetings, so your broadcasts are a lifeline to me. Surprisingly, some of my comrades are showing interest in the program. I greatly rejoice for what God is doing through the ministry in their lives and the lives of so many others around the world. Please remember us in your prayers. I pray that my friends will decide to follow Jesus as their Savior and have fellowship with Him.”

What a great request! Remember this young man and his fellow soldiers in our prayers today. And let’s lift up all those who are waiting on friends and loved ones to be saved. May we trust God and wait patiently for Him to answer.

Our travels continue next week in Western Europe; join us, won’t you?