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How did that home group start in India?

March 05, 2018

This week our world prayer journey explores what God is doing in South Asia—and specifically today in India. Our update comes from a brother named Bharatbhai who leads a worship gathering in his home.

He writes:

“By God's grace, one of my friends told me about your radio program. One day I tuned in to the Gujarati program and heard about how Jesus Christ can help us in all our worries. You see, I belonged to another faith, yet never experienced peace. I decided to place my trust in Jesus. A great burden was lifted from my life. I felt real peace and made it my goal to listen regularly to your program. I began attending church and at the right time, I publicly testified. I obeyed God's call and have committed my life to ministry. My family has also come to Christ through your radio program. Now 25 people gather regularly at my home. God saved our family from false worship and made our house a place of true worshipers. We give thanks for His blessing upon us. Thank you for praying for my family and for our home group.”

This man, his family, and now his home group are part of the fruit of your prayers in our World Prayer Tour. Please keep it up!

Tomorrow we’ll get more encouragement from India.