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Travel on your knees to one of the hardest to reach places on Earth

February 22, 2018

Three thousand miles of the Pacific Ocean separate the island of Fiji from mainland Australia. But this tiny dot in the tropical expanse is separated even further from an understanding and receptivity to the gospel.

Pray for the hearts of Fiji’s people today. Thru the Bible broadcasts there in English and in Hindi—two of the three official languages. Pray specifically for the hard-to-reach Indians of Fiji, the largest non-Christian community in the region. Muslim influence is strong and tight-knit and is having a great impact on this Pacific Island’s largest unreached group.

But God has not forgotten Fiji. He sends His Word there every day on Thru the Bible. Pray for lives to be transformed as they hear the truth, taught with grace.

Tomorrow, we travel northwest to the beautiful, plentiful islands of Indonesia. Come pray with us.