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“Please pray for me. Living for Christ is not easy here…”

February 14, 2018

“Every evening I am with you. I listen to you and am strengthened spiritually.

“I pray and praise the Lord. I carry Him in my heart and soul, and ask that the Lord bless the spreading of the gospel by way of your wonderful sermons. Sometimes there is interference on the radio so that in recent times I listen to your program on the internet.

“Please pray for me . . . living for Christ is not easy here in Bosnia. People are not receptive to the gospel, and I desperately want them to know about God’s love.”

Welcome to World Prayer Today and praise God for this eloquent letter from a listener named Radmilla. As we bow our heads today, let’s honor Radmilla’s request and bring her and other Christians in Bosnia-Herzegovina before the Lord. Let’s ask Him to increase their witness and open the hearts of those who are resistant to His Word.

And while we are at it, let’s pray that there is no more interference to Thru the Bible’s radio broadcasts, as Radmilla and others are relying on a clear signal to listen to God’s Word taught.

Join us tomorrow as our prayer journey in Central Europe continues with a stop in Hungary.