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Still walking with Jesus!

February 08, 2018

Have you heard it said that the Christian life is not a sprint—it’s a marathon!?

“Jack,” a listener to the Umbundu broadcast of Thru the Bible, understands what this means.

“I have been listening to your program with my nephews regularly now, and we talk about these words of life together. Since 1970 I have listened to Christian radio, but I accepted Jesus Christ as my Savior in 2000 through your program and am still walking in Christ. Each day we take one step together until now, after many years, I have confidence to share with others. Thank you for guiding me in knowing how to grow more in Christ. Let us pray for each other that we would abound in godly things.”

“Jack” lives in Angola where the church is very young. Pray for these followers of Christ there that their faith would be established. Just as “Jack” offered to pray for us—let’s return the gift today.

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Tomorrow, we’ll pray across Ghana.