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“Can I be a Christian and still be Navajo?”

February 02, 2018

“Can I be a Christian and still be Navajo?”

That is the question many people are asking who listen to God’s Word in the Navajo Nation of western New Mexico, southeastern Utah, and northern Arizona today.

For the Navajo, these issues revolve around how to separate their cultural identity from their religious beliefs, and it is keeping many from discovering the eternal life that God longs to give them.

And eternal life is what we all so desperately need. Alcohol abuse, unemployment, broken families, and suicide are all daily realities for people in the Navajo Nation.

So today, let’s commit together to intercede for Thomas Woods, Thru the Bible’s producer of the Navajo language. Let’s pray for wisdom and discernment as he shares God’s Word and ask that through every word he speaks God’s overwhelming love and hope ring clear.

And while we’re at it, let’s boldly plead for God to break down the cultural barriers all over the world that are keeping people from receiving God’s free gift of salvation offered through His Son, Jesus Christ.

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