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The most important thing in this life . . .

January 12, 2018

Everyone wants to invest their lives in something that matters. When you consider all that God is doing in the world, we’ve got some great options and opportunities!

Here’s something you can do today that really matters: You can pray for people in Russia who are hearing God’s Word taught on Thru the Bible. Join together with Mrs. B from Kursk province, Russia, who writes:

“Thank you so much for your ministry in Christian radio in Russia. You are doing the most important thing in this life: Proclaiming the truth of God for this world. I would like to share my joy with you. I really wanted to listen to the program Thru the Bible, but in our region, it is not heard anymore. But now my son downloaded it from the Internet and presented me with the CDs of the studies from Genesis to Revelation. Now I can listen. It is the grace of God to me. I have already listened to Genesis, the Gospels, Revelation, Letters of John, Proverbs, and Romans. I thank the Lord God and you all! God’s Word touches the soul. God bless you!”

God’s Word will find a way into people’s lives. Pray for others to find spiritual food online at

Next week, we’ll be traveling on our knees through the Middle East.