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Who teaches the teachers?

January 10, 2018

Who teaches the Bible teachers in isolated places? Praise God for programs like Thru the Bible that minister to those who are in turn ministering to people in spiritually barren places.

Mr. T.N. writes us from Turkmenistan, northwest of Afghanistan:

“Dear workers in the Lord’s vineyard! Thank you for your lectures on Thru the Bible. What valuable material, rich with illustrations from our daily life and immortal souls. These lectures help me as a pastor to think of spiritual food I can later feed the people in my local church. My leaders and I always listen to your programs. We wait for them. They edify us, reprimand us, and help us to grow in faith. Pray for the church in my country, please.”

Let’s pray now:

Father, we do intercede for the church in Turkmenistan. Thank You for the mercy and grace You extend to them today as they walk with You in a spiritually needy place. We especially lift up their pastors and leaders. Teach them Your ways and give them wisdom to serve Your people there. Amen.

Tomorrow, our final visit to the ’Stans this month.