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Praying for the 20-somethings in Armenia

January 08, 2018

From Gyumri, the second largest city in Armenia, we hear an encouraging word today from a 20-year-old girl named Susanna.

She writes:

“I am a student, and I very much like to listen to your program once I have completed my home studies. I also like to sing spiritual songs. I read my Bible, then I listen to your programs as we go book by book through God’s holy Scripture. When I listen to you I don’t feel the distance that separates us. Really, our Lord has made us sisters and brothers. And I always feel you. Thank you for your prayers on my behalf and others of my generation. We are looking for the truth.”

That’s the kind of request we love to pray for on our world prayer tour. Pray for young adults like Susanna, who are making God’s Word a part of their lives. Right now, intercede for them—thanking God that He will provide for their spiritual needs as they walk with Him.

Through the next few days, we’ll be traveling on our knees through “the ̓Stans.”