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Christians in South Asia are in danger … pray with us today

November 13, 2017

Stringent rules, constant monitoring, and persecution. These are a few of the dangers for Christians in parts of South Asia. And for those who convert from Islam, the reality is much worse.

Welcome, World Prayer Team. Although circumstances for our brothers and sisters in this area are grim, our prayers are working. God’s Word in the languages of Urdu and Pashto are bearing fruit! Rejoice in this letter we recently received:

“I am a faithful listener who is learning more and more about Jesus Christ through your programs. I have three sons and two daughters. Four of my children have accepted Jesus, but one son is still a non-believer. It is very difficult for us as converts to live among so many Muslim fanatics, but God helps us and saves His people who believe His Son Jesus Christ. We have learned to rely on His promises every day and they alone give us peace when we worry.”

Today, let’s lift up this family and others who choose to follow Jesus regardless of the threat of persecution. And let’s thank the Lord for the assurance His Word brings to all of us when we face difficulty.

Our prayer journey through South Asia is just getting started! Pack your bags and join us tomorrow in Uttar Pradesh, India.