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Praying for the faith of young people in Somalia

October 31, 2017

“I really need to know about Jesus.”

That’s what we hear today from a student in Somalia. She continues:

“I have just started listening and I love the program. I cannot tell you who I am, because my parents will not allow me to communicate with Christians. I am not yet an adult, and as a female I am completely dependent on them. The consequences would be terrible if they found out. However, I am not alone. Several of my friends listen to you as well. It’s become popular among the youth. Please keep broadcasting and please tell us more about Jesus.”

How exciting! Today let’s thank God that whoever seeks Him will find Him! As we pray for this young woman’s faith journey, let’s lift up other young people in Somalia, as well. May their curiosity lead them to an eternal relationship with God through our Savior Jesus Christ.

Our world prayer journey continues tomorrow as travel on our knees through the Ivory Coast.