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“God is good all the time …”

October 25, 2017

“God is good all the time ….” That’s what we hear from Emelina, a listener of our Cebuano language broadcasts in the Philippines. She continues:

“I experienced many hardships and became depressed. I had many very dark days. But through your radio programs I met Jesus. Now I am confident that God’s grace is sufficient for me. He alone is more than enough. When I worry, I read His Word and remember that He promises never to leave us. My spiritual life becomes stronger each day. I really thank God for bringing this program to people not only in the cities but also in remote areas like mine. I pray more people in the countryside will hear God’s Word and He will ease their burdens.”

As we rejoice in this new life in Christ, let’s ask God to bless the broadcasting of Thru the Bible’s Cebuano programs. Pray more listeners like Emelina will come to rely on His promises and grace.

Then come back tomorrow and by encouraged by a testimony from Australia that gives hope to those battling depression.