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When things don’t go your way

October 06, 2017

“Do not feel discouraged …. God is answering our prayers even when the answer isn’t what we wanted.”

Those are the wise words we hear from a fellow listener in China on World Prayer Today. She continues:

“I have several disabilities and have been especially weak the last few months. I have missed going to church and feel as though I’m letting the Lord down. I have prayed for God’s help, and asked Him to strengthen me. But instead, He sent a friend to introduce me to your broadcasts. I didn’t realize the immensity of this blessing right away, but as I began listening regularly, I was overwhelmed that He would provide me with such a treasure. I still pray that I can return to my fellowship, but your teaching is far deeper than anything I could have asked for. So, my brothers and sisters, I pray that my situation will teach you not to despair when things do not go your way. I say with certainty that God is with us every minute of every day. May we learn to trust in His abundant goodness in all of our circumstances.”

Take a minute to praise God for His goodness in your life. Wherever we are, whatever we are going through, let’s not despair! Instead let’s ask God to help us trust Him with every small detail of our lives.

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