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“I hide my faith from my family.”

September 29, 2017

“I hide my faith from my family.”

That’s what we hear today from Hamad, a listener of our Arabic program in Bahrain. Here’s the rest of his story:

“My only connection to God’s Word is through you. I am not allowed to talk with other Christians or attend church. I’m glad no one knows that I spend so much time with your lessons. It’s my secret and brings me so much joy. Please pray that other family members will hear about Jesus as well. It’s hard to be the only one.”

Praise God that His Word does not return void. Today let’s thank Him that the broadcasting of His Word is changing lives in Bahrain and all over the world. And let’s pray that He will encourage isolated believers like Hamad to keep strong in their faith.

Our worldwide prayer trek continues on Monday in South Korea. It will be a privilege to meet you there.