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Praising God from a muddy shack in Vietnam

September 08, 2017

Welcome to World Prayer Today. As we journey to one of the last Communist countries in the world, we tour Thru the Bible’s “hubs” where God’s Word is distributed on chips that work in cell phones and also in speaker boxers.

Here’s what one listener tells us about this new technology:

“I sell eggs in the market to take care of my 10-year-old granddaughter. We live in a shack on muddy ground in the middle of nowhere. We have no running water and no electricity, but my friend at the market introduced me to Jesus and gave me a speaker box. I charge the box when I visit the market and we walk about three hours to return and replace the lessons on the chips. The speaker box is our only link to God’s Word. It gives me great peace to cuddle up with my granddaughter and listen to your messages every evening. We have many favorites, but the series on Philippians is our very favorite. We love to hear about the joy we can find in this life through Jesus.”

Today let’s pray that more people in Vietnam will hear God’s Word on Thru the Bible. And as they do, let’s pray they too will be filled with the joy found through a relationship with our Savior, Jesus Christ.

Next week we travel on our knees to Western Europe. We’ll meet you right here on World Prayer Today.