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Encouragement from Hungary: “Be strong in spirit and faith.”

August 11, 2017

“Be strong in spirit and in faith. I would like to meet you and be with you in eternal glory!”

That’s the encouragement we receive from a listener of our Hungarian broadcasts. He continues:

“I listen to Thru the Bible every evening and it strengthens me in my body and in my soul. I haven’t got words to thank you for this grace! I am the oldest person in my church, but I am still around. Although I am tired, I will praise God until He calls me to glory. I will pray you will do the same.”

What great encouragement! Today let’s pray Psalm 119: 28 for all Thru the Bible listeners: Although our souls melt from heaviness, may He strengthen us according to His Word.

Next week, we’ll be traveling on our knees through Africa. Meet us on Monday in Malawi.