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“Your radio program visits us every evening and encourages us.”

August 09, 2017

“Your programs keep us in the faith.”

That’s the beginning of a sweet letter from an elderly couple in Serbia. Here’s the rest of their story.

“Winter is long and we are old, and more and more we are weak. Both of us are over 80 and we suffer from Parkinson’s disease. We are very lonely, as rarely anyone from the church visits us these days. But your radio program visits us every evening and encourages us. When you speak, we feel peace and know that the Lord is still with us. Thank you for being God’s messengers to our home. We are old, but God can still use us to pray for His saints and for change in this world.”

What a wonderful reminder of how God uses each of us regardless of our age or ability. Today let’s pray that more people in Serbia will hear God’s Word and be reminded of God’s love for them and the power of their prayers.

There is more to pray about tomorrow; meet us in Bulgaria.