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“The Word of God gives our people hope.”

August 07, 2017

Interesting, mystical, and often misunderstood. That’s how many people describe the Romani people.

Welcome to World Prayer Today. Our journey brings us to Romania where we meet with Cirpaci, a pastor who asks us to pray for his Romani congregation:

“I encourage my congregation to listen to your programs. Many are poor but gather together around a common radio to listen. The Word of God gives them hope. Our people are often hated by others, so knowing God loves them is a big shift in their thinking. Please pray that God’s Spirit will transform them as they hear His Word!”

What a great request. Today let’s join Cirpaci in that prayer. And while we’re on our knees, ask God to use Thru the Bible broadcasts to minister hope to the millions of Romani who feel rejected and devalued by society. May they realize that God loves them and gave His Son for them.

Join us tomorrow as we pray and praise our way through Albania.