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Your prayers are needed for Micronesia

July 25, 2017

Welcome, team. As we stop in the tropical wonderland that is known as Micronesia, we have our work cut out for us.

While many claim Christianity is the religion of more than 95% of Micronesians, experts think fewer than 24% are Bible-believing followers of Jesus Christ. In truth, God’s church is struggling. Here are a few reasons why:

  • The widespread practice of former animistic traditions focus on the power of deceased ancestors, magic, spirits, and spirit possession.
  • A high rate of delinquency and suicide among the youth, both in and out of the church.
  • A lack of pastors without biblical knowledge. In fact, experts say that 99% of the pastors in Micronesia have no theological or Bible training.

So please join us in asking the Lord to increase Thru the Bible’s opportunity to reach more people with His Word that changes lives—especially pastors and those in church leadership. May their increased knowledge build an informed and powerful church that can help lead their nation to God.

Join us tomorrow as we pray alongside a listener of our Madurese programs in Indonesia.