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“My family does not allow me to go to church …”

July 04, 2017

“I have accepted Jesus, but my family does not allow me to go to church.”

That’s what a young woman in Kyrgyzstan recently told us. Here’s the rest of her story:

“I was beginning to lose my faith, but that’s when I found your program. My family can keep me from leaving the house, but they cannot stop the radio from coming in. I’m so grateful for God’s Word that fills my heart with joy.”

More than 89% of the population declare themselves followers of Mohammed, making Kyrgyzstan primarily a Muslim state. Laws limit freedoms of speech and religion as well as other Christian activities. But as this listener reminds us, the broadcasting of God’s Word can reach beyond manmade barriers and bring His truth to those willing to listen.

So today let’s pray that more people in Kyrgyzstan will listen to Thru the Bible. And as they do, let’s pray that they will be filled with the joy found only in Jesus Christ.

Join us tomorrow as the team prays our way through the country of Moldova.