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Pray with a family of 12 in Pakistan . . .

June 22, 2017

Although Christians in Pakistan are targets for murder, bombings, abduction of women, rape, forced marriages, and eviction from home and country, God is quietly drawing more people to Himself—like this listener of Thru the Bible.

“I am a regular listener of your Urdu language programs. I love to read the Bible, but my eyesight is very weak. Please pray for me. I am very thankful that you provide the Word of God that gives me peace in life. Where we live there is no church or pastor and we cannot admit we are Christian. But there are 12 in our family who listen regularly and it is a blessing that we can grow in Christ together.

Today let’s lift up this family, as well as other believers who feel isolated and alone. Thank God that His Word always accomplishes His purposes.

We’re back praying our way through India tomorrow, this time interceding for people who listen to Thru the Bible in the Kannada language.