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“The Bible has come alive …”

May 19, 2017

“It’s great meeting people from the Bible almost ‘in person!’”

That’s the excitement we hear from a new listener in the Czech Republic today. Here’s more of his story.

“I find the practical teaching so helpful, so vivid! I feel as though I’m right there, watching the historical events unfold and meeting each person that is introduced. The Bible has come alive! Each message strengthens my relationship with the Lord. The thorough explanations of the Old Testament books have made a big difference in my life. For a long time, I didn’t understand them and just skipped over them. Now I’m so grateful to spend my evenings studying God’s Word with you and then continue on my own. His Word has been a powerful tool in my life … as I have studied He has changed many of my bad habits and has called me to proclaim His love to those around me. I thank the Lord for all of you and keep praying strength in all your tasks and for strong health, and especially that God may introduce many new listeners to you.”

Isn’t that wonderful? Today let’s praise God for the power of His Word in our lives too. And let’s interceded for the broadcasting of His Word both near and far! Wherever God’s Word is taught, may more people be drawn to His goodness and grace.

We’ll make our way through Southeast Asia next week. We hope you’ll join us on your knees.