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Reaching French Africa with the Gospel

January 31, 2024

by Bashar Abdo, Endure International

When you think of Africa, you don’t usually think of those who speak French. Yet, 29 countries speak it and 21 consider French their official language. Last year, seeing the massive need for the truth of the Word of God to be shared in areas controlled by Islam, Endure International proposed we take THRU the BIBLE TV programming to all the French-speaking African nations.

In October 2022, Endure launched an African-French television program. Our vision is to use this program to equip God’s church, build up believers for the work of the ministry, and to see Jesus Christ reign supreme over the whole continent!

THRU the BIBLE-French (or Toute La Bible) broadcasts over two satellite networks, EMCI, and Dieu TV, as well as via YouTube, Facebook, and other social media outlets. We are only in the first year of the 5-year journey and there is already tremendous demand for it from the viewers. We communicate with thousands of hungry souls and continue to witness the power of God’s Word in action as we hear countless testimonies from our viewers about the work of the Holy Spirit in touching their hearts and meeting their deepest spiritual needs through this program.

As you read a sample of these testimonies below, please pray:

  • For God’s transforming power to continue to reshape the hearts and souls of these viewers and that the power of God’s Word would cause an awakening and revival as people surrender their hearts, souls, and minds to the gospel.
  • For the Holy Spirit to empower His people to defeat the false and satanic teachings by the blood of the Lamb and the power of their testimonies! Pray God would shatter the chains of evil oppression in these regions and release His people from the worship of evil and falsehood.
  • Pray that God would continue to draw people to Himself as they come face to face with the absolute truth through God’s Word.
  • Please pray God’s Word would strengthen the weary and weak and build up believers as they share the gospel with friends and neighbors.
  • Pray God would continue the incredible work He has started in French-speaking Africa. The need is massive and the people are hungry!

While seeking to equip the church in Africa, we continue to receive hundreds of messages from pastors and ministers who use the program as a theological education tool to allow them to study the Word of God so that they can, in turn, teach it clearly to their congregations.

  • “Good morning, my beloved ones. I’m writing to you from Guinea (West Africa). I am Faya, one of the pastors of the Lumière des Nations churches. I am very blessed by your Thru the Bible program. Every time I listen to you, I feel edified. Thank you for your good work. May the Lord bless you abundantly.”
  • “Hello. Your program is a great blessing for me and helps me to come closer to God and to grow in the faith and knowledge of our Savior Jesus Christ. I am a translator/interpreter in an evangelical mission in Benin. Thank you very much, may God sustain us.”
  • “Hello, my brothers, I am so blessed through this broadcast. Every day the Lord answers all my questions through you to such an extent that I have decided to make an in-depth study of your broadcasts, which enrich me deeply. May the love for the Lord become evident in my life. Remain blessed in the name of Jesus Christ. Amen.”