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2023 in Review

November 29, 2023

A visit with THRU the BIBLE’s president, Gregg Harris

As you look back at this year, how would you describe it in one or two words?

Change and complexity! It seems that the Lord is not going to let us get complacent about the already amazing outreach He has created through Dr. McGee’s teaching. The COVID 19 emergency was declared over in May, which brought many positive changes, including much more travel and in-person meetings for our team members. We also completed a remodel of our new headquarters building, which will provide enhanced facilities for audio and video recording and team meetings. The rise of artificial intelligence (AI) has all of us researching how this powerful technology can help us be more efficient and potentially expand the ministry in exciting ways. We’re also increasing our focus on distributing THRU the BIBLE through apps, digital, and social media platforms around the world. It’s both exciting and challenging.

What else are you excited about?

We are seeing God bring younger people into our staff, our Board of Directors, and our ministry partners around the world. This is crucial, because it shows us that the Lord is far from being done with our mission. Our technology team is full of young, technically-gifted believers who are bringing their skills and passion to THRU the BIBLE’s mission. We believe He is raising up a new generation to take the whole Word to the whole world!

Can you give us an example of this?

I was greatly encouraged by a recent trip to Central Asia. I’d never traveled to Kyrgyzstan or Kazakhstan, so I didn’t know what to expect. What amazed me was the number of young team members I met and how excited they were to get Dr. McGee’s teaching to people through social media. It seems that everywhere we travel around the world, we see a mobile phone in almost everyone’s hands. I see God raising up people to meet the challenge of getting His Word to anyone on earth who wants it.

We know you love to tell stories of God doing things we never could. Does one come to mind?

Of course [laughing]! A prisoner in Lithuania shared a long testimony that was simply incredible. A pastor visited him in prison, led him to faith, and then 10 years later, in his own words, “A CD recording of THRU the BIBLE fell into my hands by accident. It contained studies of Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers, and other books. I began to listen to these recordings for about three to five hours every day.” This began a journey of equipping this man to minister to others in the prison. He was released for good behavior and now goes back into the prisons to minister to them using the TTB-Lithuanian programs. For me this is a perfect example of THRU the BIBLE “flinging the Seed.” We invested to have those programs made and broadcast on radio, but we had no direct involvement with the recording of the messages onto a CD! God oversaw this man’s training using the THRU the BIBLE “seed,” and the fruit of his life is tremendous.

What challenge do you have for our THRU the BIBLE family?

First: Pray! Every day I am more convinced that the prayers of God’s people are the basis for everything good that happens in our worldwide ministry. Second: Thank you! Those of you who support this ministry are a vital part of what God is doing, and we treasure your involvement.