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What’s Happening with WhatsApp?

September 28, 2023

If you know someone who has emigrated to North America but is from another global region, it’s a good guess they’re familiar with WhatsApp, an instant messaging service for sending and sharing text, voice messages, video and audio messages with friends and family at home or anywhere else in the world.

As an inexpensive alternative to other messaging apps, WhatsApp has more than two billion users, third in line globally after Facebook and YouTube.  

As you may recall, one of THRU the BIBLE’s ministry partners, Mobile Christian Network (MCN), uses WhatsApp to engage people in India, Africa, and parts of Asia. MCN posts the THRU the BIBLE program every day and thousands listen. However, what makes this creative approach even more effective is that not only do people listen, but they invite their friends and family, too—forming listening groups of up to 250 subscribers. It’s like creating tiny personal radio stations. And the communication and feedback is personal and instant.

MCN shares these stories and screengrabs, asking us to pray for this effective and easy way to take the whole Word to the whole world.

MCN asked their WhatsApp users, “Do you use Thru the Bible to help you teach the Bible to people in your neighborhoods or villages?” Here’s how they responded, showing how they share THRU the BIBLE with their churches, parachurches, or home Bible studies across Africa and Asia.

Gichunge is a pastor from Sierra Leonne. He uses THRU the BIBLE to train him to preach God’s Word.

Orach’s home country is Uganda, but he lives in Sudan. As he says, he knows what it is to live in a “global village.” Daily, he shares the TTB program with his family and friends in Uganda, Sudan, and South Sudan. 

Twenty-eight people in Burundi formed a group to study the Bible with Dr. McGee. In this text, a group member tells what he learned from studying 2 Peter.

Exciting, yes? Pray for these dear people, your partners on the Bible Bus through WhatsApp.

  • Nene from Nigeria uses the audio lessons in our Bible study to teach her women’s class and build a curriculum for her Sunday School kids.
  • Papa from Uganda downloads the Notes & Outlines for every Bible book and shares them with his listening group. “Excellent and encouraging counsel from a fellow listener. Glory be to God!”
  • Falila from Ghana posted the image of the upcoming series on the book of Obadiah on his status feed.