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Reaching the World with the Word, One App at a Time

August 25, 2023

Contextualized Bible Apps

By Brian Emerson | Vice President of International Scripture Ministries, Inc., a valued and integral digital partner with THRU the BIBLE

In a world more interconnected than ever before, the echoes of Dr. J. Vernon McGee’s mission—‑“the whole Word to the whole world”—resound louder than ever. This vision is being realized through our faithful broadcasters and the power of digital technology in developments like our Contextualized Bible Apps.

THRU the BIBLE study programs have been a source of spiritual nourishment for millions across the globe. Today, our programs are distributed in over 200 languages, reaching more than 160 countries. This global outreach is a testament to our steadfast commitment to bringing Dr. McGee's insightful Bible teachings to every corner of the world.

Our Contextualized Bible Apps are a giant leap forward in fulfilling this mission. These specially designed applications offer access to Scriptures and Dr. McGee’s teachings in the language of the user. As of this summer, we have created and launched over 36 unique Bible apps, each tailored to a specific language group and offering these features for engagement:

  • Bible—read and listen to the Bible in your language and tap on a verse to go straight to the related THRU the BIBLE study program
  • Study—choose a Bible book and listen solely to THRU the BIBLE’s study programs
  • Share—share a testimony or the app with friends and family

Yet, our hopes continue beyond. We aim to develop an app for every language in which THRU the BIBLE study programs are delivered globally—over 100 unique, language-specific Bible apps. As we work towards this goal, we encourage you to check back regularly and share these apps with those in your circle who could benefit from Bible teachings in their native language.

Why Contextualized Bible Apps?

Global reach: With the spread of smartphones, we have an unprecedented opportunity to reach people wherever they are, in a language that resonates with them.

Immediate access: These apps offer instant access to Scripture and THRU the BIBLE teaching at the touch of a button. No physical books or CDs required.

Language specific: Each app is tailored to a specific language and culture, making the Word of God more accessible and understandable.

In a world with over 7,000 languages spoken and the rise of digital technology, the need for Contextualized Bible Apps has never been more significant. As we venture into this next chapter, we do so with Dr. McGee’s mission guiding us: to take the whole Word to the whole world. With the continued support of our global family, we are confident that we can use technology as a tool to spread the gospel and touch more lives than ever before. Together, we are sharing God’s Word, one app at a time.

Whether you’re a longtime rider on the Bible Bus or just getting on board, we’re excited for you to join us on this journey. With these apps, we’re not just reading the Bible; we’re living it, breathing it, and sharing it across languages and borders. Hop on the Bible Bus and share the journey—there are millions of potential riders out there waiting for an invitation.

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