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Celebrating God’s Faithfulness—Thru the Bible’s 50 years in Spanish

June 27, 2023

This year, 2023, THRU the BIBLE celebrates its 50th anniversary of the Spanish Bible Bus—A Través de la Biblia. The program is the result of a collaboration between Dr. J. Vernon McGee, writer of the Bible study, and Dr. Paul Freed, founder of Trans World Radio.

We give God praise and glory for the millions who have been reached over the past five decades as a result of the commitment of Dr. McGee and Dr. Paul Freed.

In 1981, Dr. McGee wrote, “A Través de la Biblia has become a missionary program. I never imagined that we would be reaching the majority of the world’s population who can hear God’s Word only on the radio.”

A few weeks before going to his heavenly home in December 1988, Dr. McGee wrote these words in a letter to THRU the BIBLE partners:

“When I think about how these practical studies of all of God’s Word have spread throughout this hemisphere and then throughout the world—first in English and now in some 35 languages—I am compelled to conclude that it is the result of the Lord’s work, and it is wonderful in our eyes! And when I think of all those who have given and provided with such faithfulness and sacrifice to make this possible, I am overwhelmed. Let us praise the Lord together. This is His work, and you are one of His faithful workers who has responded to the words, ‘The field is white for harvest.’ Because we are collaborators, and the harvest is good.”

If your family/friends’ heart language is Spanish . . . tell them about A Través de la Biblia on Facebook @ATravesDeLaBiblia and Radio TransMundial