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Habits of a World Christian: Get Ready for Go-2023!

December 22, 2022

Jesus said, “Go.”

  • As His resurrected body ascended into the clouds, He said, Take what you’ve heard and experienced and all you know about Me—and go share it with the world.
  • He even offered a plan. Start with where you are, then take the good news to the next town, the next region, working your way to the end of the earth.
  • And then He offered this confidence: And as you go, I will be with you.

Go therefore and make disciples of all the nations ….” -Matthew 28:19

In this space every month, we learn about how our partnership with THRU the BIBLE is making that “go” command a reality. As we pray and support and engage with people worldwide on the Bible Bus, we see Jesus’ Great Commission ripple across the globe. We hear people’s stories about what it’s like to hear the name of Jesus Christ for the first time. We learn how, even when their language and culture are different, people’s hearts respond to the study of God’s Word the same way ours do. And as our understanding expands, so does our vision for how God can use us. No longer do we see our country/culture/language as the center of the universe, but we become a world Christian—people who no longer focus only on our own needs, but as we focus on God, we become aware that the world needs Him, too.

“The world next door …”

In our lifetimes, the world has shrunk. In a matter of hours, we can physically be on the opposite side of the globe and in a matter of moments, digital technology can take God’s Word to anyone on the planet. And now if they want to study God’s Word, they can access it in their own heart language. A world Christian is thrilled to see this happen. As we pray for deploying technologies, logistics, and tools that ultimately help carry the message forward, we are confident that we contribute toward taking the whole Word to the whole world.

“The world is my neighbor …”

The nations that God loves are not just far off, but have come to our doorstep. They are exchange students, immigrants, refugees, and travelers. We can serve these neighbors and build bridges with the love of Christ. Sometimes, our new neighbors have come from difficult places where it’s not safe to discuss your faith. Now, they are free to ask questions and explore faith in this new world. And someday, if they return to their home country, they will take the gospel with them. Pray for opportunities to share the love of Jesus Christ with someone in your neighborhood from another culture.

“The world on my prayer list …”

God calls the world Christian to depend on Him to open doors, to give us the words to pray, to incline our hearts to how He is at work. Jesus Himself said, “As the Father has sent Me, I also send you” (John 20:21). If you are on the World Prayer Team, then you know all about how God is working and how when you pray, you join Him in that work (read James 5:16).

Let’s encourage each other to be world Christians in 2023 and answer Jesus’ call to “go” together. Come back here every month to learn of a new way to go into all the world.

From the World Prayer Team

“How quickly a year passes! I realized this morning that I have been a member of the World Prayer Team for one full year. How richly God blesses me through your daily prayer emails! What a privilege it is to be part of the team and intercede for people in the nations throughout the world. The Holy Spirit touches my heart and brings tears to my eyes each day as I pray. How marvelous is our holy, loving God! In many of these letters, God is working in the lives of people living in areas hostile to Christianity. The courage and great faith of these listeners encourages me and builds my faith …. I commend you for your obedience to our Lord and His great commission of Matthew 28:19-20. I appreciate your humor, positive attitude, and use of the latest technology.”   -Martha in Thousand Oaks, California