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The Glorious Unfolding of a Mission

September 30, 2022

by Roger Kemp

Roger Kemp is a behind-the-scenes visionary and force behind so much good that you enjoy on Christian radio. Roger and his team at RKMedia are our close ministry partners and steward the relationships THRU the BIBLE has with radio stations and networks throughout North America. Roger has also personally been associated with global ministry his whole career and is here to give you a unique perspective of what we’re doing together with our commitment to take the “whole Word to the whole world.”

More than 40 years ago, I stumbled into a part-time job that would ultimately become my life’s calling. In 1979 and fresh out of Bible college, I was employed by an organization that produced and distributed Christian radio programs. My primary role was duplicating reel-to-reel tapes and shipping them to stations across the United States. It was a humble start, and I wore an industrial apron to prove it.

As part of my training, my employer insisted that I visit the headquarters of THRU the BIBLE where J. Vernon McGee had set a standard of excellence for Christian radio programmers.

Well, the on-site training I received at the THRU the BIBLE office in Pasadena, California, ignited my passion for the potential of Christian media. Plus, it became obvious that God was doing something special through an unconventional radio program. More than a simple domestic ministry, today Dr. McGee’s teaching is heard in more than 200 languages domestically and globally. How unusual! This is a ministry that deeply understands the global world and is God-driven to “take God’s whole Word to the whole world.”

Over the last 40-plus years, God has granted me a front row seat to the dramatic unfolding of His masterpiece called THRU the BIBLE. Maybe you have been watching the trajectory of growth, too. Isn’t it amazing to witness Him working in such unexpected ways? I love sharing these inside details about THRU the BIBLE with my colleagues in broadcasting who often listen respectfully while scratching their heads! They often say, “I had no idea!”

Times have changed, haven’t they? In the 70’s, we wore industrial aprons and duplicated reel-to-reel tapes. Today, THRU the BIBLE is using every technological means available to invite men and women around the world to take a seat on the Bible Bus. Radio stations, thumb drives, CDs, cell phones, iPads, podcasts, in-home smart speakers, whatever … we can use these tools to achieve our mission … to take “the whole Word to the whole Word.”

Together, let’s remain faithful to this privileged calling of God. In so doing, we will surely see the glorious unfolding of His majestic work around the world “… according to the good pleasure of His will, to the praise of the glory of His grace” (Ephesians 1:5-6).