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The Power Behind Global Outreach

April 29, 2022

by Steve Shwetz, THRU the BIBLE announcer and board chairman

Someone recently asked me why they should join the World Prayer Team. I gave them this threefold answer: 

  1. Psalm 150 tells us to “praise [the Lord] for His mighty acts.” Do you agree with me that nothing is more amazing than a person (like us) who is dead in their trespasses and sins who then turns to Jesus Christ and is given eternal life? (See Ephesians 2:1.) This is amazing and one of God’s mighty deeds. If you’re on the World Prayer Team, you get a front row seat to these testimonies in almost every World Prayer Today email.
     If you want to reinvigorate the praise in your prayer life, join the World Prayer Team!
  2. Do you believe God is at work today? Do you think He could use you for His purposes? As a Christian, nothing is more encouraging to me than to see God’s hand moving in and through a ministry He has allowed me to play a part in. As a World Prayer Today member, we all play a part in what God does through the ministry of THRU the BIBLE. He does this to bring glory to Himself, and it’s thrilling to watch.

    If you want to be encouraged that God is still active, calling people to Himself, join the World Prayer Team.
  3. One of the last recorded things we hear Jesus say before returning to heaven is that we should go and make disciples of all nations (see Matthew 28:19). THRU the BIBLE is doing this on a global scale in over 130 languages and growing.

    If you want to be an active participant in fulfilling Jesus’ great commission, join the World Prayer Team.

Your time investment is minimal; your heart investment will yield much fruit. Sounds like a great way to put yourself in the path where God is moving and blessing our generation.  

Here are just a handful of emails from World Prayer Team members on why they invest their lives in prayer: 

I am so honored to be on the World Prayer Team here in America and around the world. I thank God for Thru the Bible programs in areas where Christians are persecuted for following Jesus our Savior. They have to worship in hiding and are afraid to witness because of unbelievers in their families and governments that disagree with them. They are so appreciative of Thru the Bible, which may be their only source of God’s Word. I will continue to be a prayer warrior on the World Prayer Team.  -Sarah  

I love hearing each day on the Bible Bus from the many varied countries and people groups throughout the world. Their stories of what the Lord has done in their lives through the broadcasts are inspiring and encourage me to continue to pray for each language and group. We have it so easy here in the USA and easily forget how dangerous and difficult it is simply to follow Christ and learn from His Word for our brethren in other lands. This is why the World Prayer Team is such a vital ministry. We continue to pray in faith, knowing this is the Lord’s doing and it is marvelous in His eyes!  -Denise in Riverside, CA 

I have been on the Bible Bus for over 10 years, and what has excited me is how there are people in lands that don’t fully let their people express the love of Jesus Christ, yet the Bible Bus is able to reach many with the life changing love of Christ. In our country people don’t realize how fortunate we are. May each of us give a little more so the Bible Bus will be able reach many more. God bless each listener.  -Bill  

The letters, phone calls, and reports you forward to us are the most encouraging items to continue praying for God’s Word to penetrate hearts and minds for salvation and growth in our Lord Jesus Christ. Through this ministry and others His Word reaches where we cannot go, except with prayer. Thank you!  -Carole 

We have been very blessed by our prayer team journey this year. We are always blessed by God’s work among the Muslim world, but one prayer/praise from a woman in one of the eastern European countries really stood out. She had nothing, and yet knowing God and hearing His Word had filled her with contentment. The focus is never on the physical need, but on their gratitude for God’s Word and His presence in their lives giving them peace-Judy