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It's Letter Month!

April 29, 2022

Been thinking about writing? This is the perfect time to finally do it.  

“On a regular basis I listen to Dr. McGee’s studies, and I’ve been over most of them several times by listening through the app and more recently the flash drive…. I am a Native American minister and have been for nearly 30 years…. I very much enjoy the studies given by Dr. McGee.

“I first heard Thru the Bible in my adolescent years while living on the Navajo reservation via KHAC in Tse Bonito, NM (Window Rock, AZ). My dad (my uncle) was a Baptist minister who raised me up on the Word after my father died in 1976. So, I grew up loving Dr. McGee’s voice and teaching.

“Now in my mid-50s, both voices of Gregg and Steve have become familiar and welcoming. Greet them for me, as well as extend my appreciation to all the Thru the Bible team. Recently, I sang the hymn “Jesus Loves Even Me” in Diné (Navajo), and tears of joy rolled down my face knowing that the Lord is good and working through brothers and sisters such as yourselves.

“Again, thank you. I encourage people to download the app, and I’ve also committed to help provide Diné believers with flash drives and outlines if they choose to jump on the Bible Bus. Praise be to God for your continued steadfastness in getting God’s Word out.” -Nathan in Window Rock, AZ

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