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One of the Best Decisions of the Year ... and We Almost Didn't Make It

November 30, 2021

In January 2020, we took a bold new step, praying we were following God’s lead. The decision on the table was how to increase our ministry efforts to the Persian-speaking people of the world, most of whom live in Iran. 

For years, we kept a close eye on our radio broadcasts to Iran. Seeing the success of other THRU the BIBLE satellite television programs, we reluctantly decided to discontinue the radio broadcasts in Iran and instead invest in another version of the television program—this time in Persian (also called Farsi). Once we made the switch and the program, Tamame Ketab (“The Whole Book”), began airing on a variety of satellite television channels covering the globe, we saw an immediate surge in response. Our primary goal was to bring Dr. McGee’s Bible teaching to Iran in the local people’s heart language—through whatever medium was best. Praise the Lord, how thrilling to think more people were now being reached with the gospel and the disciple-making Bible teaching of THRU the BIBLE!

Little did we know God would do that and so much more! 

In August 2021, the world’s focus narrowed on the great turmoil happening in Afghanistan. The Christian world was reminded of the persecuted church still there in harm’s way. Our concerns deepened as their situation became even more precarious with the Taliban taking control of their country. Our THRU the BIBLE leadership team began consulting with on the ground experts to answer the question: How can we more effectively bring God’s Word to those who follow Jesus Christ in Afghanistan?

Just last week while talking it over with THRU the BIBLE’s board chairman, I got insight into the answer. “God is always one step ahead of the devil,” he said. I’ll never forget that. And now we have a perfect illustration of how God works.  

Remember the Persian television program we began last year? Last month we learned their Facebook page had over 35,000 followers in Afghanistan! We were broadcasting in Persian, but the two predominant languages spoken in Afghanistan are Pashto and Dari, a dialect closely related to Persian. This means most of the 39 million people of Afghanistan can readily understand THRU the BIBLE’s Persian television broadcasts! We never thought of that, but God already knew it. It’s how He was providing for His own who have precious few ways to study the Bible.  

Because we followed God’s ways, He did something more wonderful than we ever envisioned. His ways are perfect, His timing is perfect. Join us in following God’s lead. In your personal and ministry plans, make it the pattern of your life to surrender your own ideas for God’s plans. Ask Him to show you how—it’s a prayer He loves to answer.

-Gregg Harris, THRU the BIBLE president