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The Early Years of Radio in Africa

September 27, 2021

Ray Alary, THRU the BIBLE-Canada Executive Director, remembers the days when he served THRU the BIBLE in his role at Trans World Radio.

“It is the third Sunday night of the month. I’m living in South Africa, packing my two suitcases with just two items: rice and cooking oil. My routine is the same every month. I’ll spend a week with my TWR team in Zimbabwe. Life is difficult there, to say the least, so I do my best to make sure our small team has something to eat.   

“Thru the Bible has been the cornerstone of radio ministry to Zimbabwe for almost 30 years. In the darkest days it was many people’s church, also the Bible school for lay pastors who had no formal training. When the country didn’t have electricity (often), it was the light in total darkness. When most operations shut down, our offices stayed open. Listeners wrote to say that in spite of hardship, they could endure because Thru the Bible was faithful in delivering the Word of God.  

“If you’ve been on the Bible Bus for a long time, thank you for your prayer and financial support that allowed Thru the Bible to be a light when all was dark. Your faithfulness has impacted generations. Please remain faithful so the people of Zimbabwe can hear the message of hope.” 

Godfrey, a local Christian man in Zimbabwe shares:  

“I still remember those days in 1982 when I carried our portable radio to the fields or attached to my hip while herding cattle and goats. I didn’t want to miss all the programs on TWR. I dialed in 49mb on shortwave in the morning and 90mb in the evening.  

“When we were herding goats and it was raining, we’d take shelter in the caves. I would still be listening to my favorite program, Thru the Bible. Some of the boys my age didn’t find Bible teaching exciting and would rather listen to music on the radio. But not me. Somehow, I knew my journey of a thousand miles had begun. Radio was personal and very exciting.  

“My radio routine not only changed my life, it shaped my life. Thru the Bible was my greatest source of encouragement when God called me into ministry as a pastor. I hope to one day sit down with someone at TWR and relive those good, golden days. 

“Here is a habit I am married to until death do us part. Long live TWR-Africa. Long live the love of my heart.”